Encouraging individuals to create transformative social impact in an ever-changing world through innovation and interdisciplinarity.

Washington Award (7)

Washington Award

Recognizing artists in Washington, D.C. whose work is focused on creating social impact or inspiring social change in new and innovative ways.

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Kuno Award

A biennial $100,000 award designed to support women social innovators using scientific research and principles to address a 21st Century problem

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Evermay Visionaries

Evermay Visionaries is a year long professional development and grant program designed to give early career stage women an opportunity to be the primary author on a research project and provide tools to advance their career.

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Evermay Dialogues

A series of high-level discussions involving global leaders, area experts, and innovators, which focuses on topics that have broad implications for the D.C. area, and global society.

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In the heart of Georgetown, one of Washington, D.C.’s oldest communities, the historic Evermay estate provides a rare glimpse of the aesthetic that graced the Nation’s Capitol in the early 1800s. Today it serves as the home of S&R Evermay.

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Evermay House