Selection Criteria

When applying for the Washington Award, your application will be assessed against three, equally weighted criteria:


Artistic Quality and Innovation (1/3 weighting)

Within this criteria, selection committee members are looking for ideas that are innovative, original, and powerful.  They are also looking for a body of work that is unified, and a strong technical command of form within the artists’ chosen discipline/practice.


Social Impact (1/3 weighting)

Following S&R Evermay’s guidelines for social impact (available via the FAQ page), selection committee members are looking for artists who prioritize and demonstrate deep engagement and commitment to impact in their work. This can be manifested in many different ways, but it should be clearly defined within the artist statement and supporting materials/submissions for the application.


Career Development (1/3 weighting)

The Washington Award is designed to help artists at critical moments in their careers. This is not defined by age or educational attainment but measured by the determination and track record the artist has established for themselves in their chosen art form. Selection committee members will be assessing the extent to which the resources of the Washington Award could have substantial impact on an applicant’s work and career.

Selection Process

The application period is open and will close at 11:59 p.m. on April 30th. To apply for the Washington Award, click here

Once the application period closes on April 30, each application that is received for the Washington Award is reviewed by S&R Evermay team members to determine application eligibility. Please note, no application assessments are made by S&R Evermay staff.

The Washington Award Selection Committee has five weeks to complete their independent assessments. For each award category, there are two subject area experts and one non-expert assessing applications. Applications are scores against the three equally weighted criteria.

Selection Committee members meet to put forward their top candidates and make award selections for the Washington Award.

Washington Award winners will be announced.